3 work appropriate April fools pranks

Humor is the favorite form of communication in Denmark, right? Danes like to make fun of everything, and today April 1st is the perfect day for showing you speak fluent humor too.


Here are our 3 best April Fool’s pranks you can make at the office or even at home:


  • The Fake-Cake
  • The Pig Nose
  • The Mail-scare

The Fake-Cake

This prank is perfect for Denmark, as we all know how much Danes love their cake!


Stop by a bakery and get an empty cake box or bring an opaque container with a lid.  Fill it with fresh fruit + a note saying “Aprilsnar”. Leave a note on top saying: Free Cake!

The Pig-Nose

In the land of bacon, this prank never gets old! 


Print and cut out some pig noses. Make sure they are smaller than your office cup’s bottom.


Tape them under your colleagues, partner, kids, or boss’s favorite cups.


Bonus points if you pull this joke on a colleague before a meeting!

The Mail-Scare

This next one is actually both mean and sweet! We all have that one person at work or in our circle, that doesn’t appreciate us enough.


This prank will maybe help someone you care about speak up about it.


Choose a colleague or friend to prank. It’s important that you know who their “that one person that does not appreciate them enough” is. It could be their manager or the CEO!

Write a fake email to your colleague:


Dear “colleague”


You are an amazing colleague and such a huge talent! “CEO’s name” would be stupid not to raise your salary and promote you ASAP! Just putting it out there!


Best Regards,


“Your name”


“CEO’s name” is CC’ed to your reference

The next part is VERY important to do right!


Take the email of their “one person” and put the person in the CC field. Make sure to change something in their email, fx remove 1 letter or ad a comma so the email doesn’t actually get delivered to this person. Unless they are in on the prank! 


Send the email and watch their reaction! After the scare is over, make sure they know you’re their supporter!


Maybe they will feel empowered to take a talk with this person or speak up more about their successes!

Have a fun April 1st! Let us know in the Career Club DK Community group how your pranking went today!


Nischa Don Maak


Founder of Career Club DK
Career Coach


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