Body language series | Introduction

Albert Mehrabian, professor at UCLA and anthropologist, conducted a research on how we perceive trustworthy communication and there are some super interesting findings: Trustworthy communication is 55% about body language (visual), 38% about voice (intonation) and only 7% about words (verbal)! Intonation and body language are part of what is called non-verbal communication. Your posture, facial expressions and gestures are also part of your body language. Interesting, right? Whether you agree on this research or not, non-verbal communication is fascinating.


If you wonder why this is important for your career, let me tell you that Forbes writes in an article that body language impacts leadership results and a new book looking into presentation tools for turning No into Yes appeared very recently and is called ‘Influential Power’ by Lene Kobbernagel. We decided to follow up on this super interesting topic and make a series on Body language. All for you, ladies!


Body language and facial expressions show clearly what we ‘say’ without using any words! It turns out there are 7 universal feelings or emotions. Actually we know them all, but let’s have a look at them and describe how to read these universal feelings on a person’s face. Can this be applied worldwide? Yes! Because the funny thing is, that these 7 facial expressions for our feelings are universal – the whole world uses the same mimic according to Dr. Paul Ekman. Isn’t that something …?!


1) Surprise – read here

2) Fear – coming soon

3) Sadness – coming soon

4) Anger – coming in October Newsletter

5) Disgust – coming in November Newsletter

6) Skepticism – coming in December Newsletter

7) Happiness – coming in January Newsletter


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Wilma Zandbergen

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