Career To-Do: Your Half Year CV Update Guide

Congrats – you are officially halfway through the year! Is it going as you planned? 

If it is – great girl! Yihaaar… but keep reading!

Because it doesn’t matter if your career is on fire right now, or you are stuck somehow.


This “mid-year-career-to-do” is an important task for anyone!


Basically, all I want you to do is to invest 1 hour of your time every 6th month of the year, to make sure your CV is always updated and ready for any opportunity that comes your way.


Here is why:

  • It is a perfect exercise to help you remind yourself of your recent skills and achievements so you don’t need to think back too long when really needed
  • It will force you to review and rethink your career path and help you re-focus on where you are going and how your current path fits your goals
  • It is going to remind you of your worth and will be useful for your fx. Your yearly review (MUS- samtale) or an upcoming salary or promotion negotiation
  • If you are job-hunting it will ensure you have a CV that is always up to date and showcase your newest skills and activities

If you are not job hunting,  you should still always want to be ready for new opportunities that could benefit your career – so be open (and ready) for offers!

My 1 hour CV Update Method

By Nischa Don Maak, 

Certified Career Coach and former (Danish) Hiring Manager for 12+ years
Founder of Career Club DK


What did you learn of new skills? What results/ achievements have you done either alone or as a part of a team? Think in details too!  What new goal, focus, and interests do you have?


Does it still look like you? Does it represent you and your current goal well enough? A new CV picture feels like getting a new hairstyle -it’s a visual showcase of the new you. 



Make sure it reflects the current you and your current goal. This is the first part of your CV where the reader is most curious, so it is always worth working on this section as it should also be the short version of your elevator-pitch when people ask “who are you”?



Now… I just know that you upgraded somehow, in courses, self-studying, online courses or you got new interesting interests.


My Secret CV-tip for you who want to change careers or get promoted! Take an (even easy, free, or short) online course and update it on your CV. The most important thing about it: find a course with an “eye-catching” title that compliments your current goal. It doesn’t matter if it is on LinkedIn, Youtube, or Tedtalk as you only write the year and the title on your CV. 


Fx your role mixed with knowledge of sustainability, digitalization/data management or the newest topic of interest for all industries: post-pandemic/ world crises. Example “Better Project management post-Corona”



Even if you are job hunting or not, use this opportunity to remind your network about your skills and at the same time get some valuable feedback. But how, you may ask…

  • Find 5-10 “power-people” in your network that you know have a network or some kind of access to the industry of your choice -reach out and start by telling them your reason to reach out to precisely them, and ask if they would do you the favor of giving you honest feedback. Make sure you describe your current goal as well, but shortly, and always end an email like this with an offering to return the favor if they ever need it. Now you are fresh in their mind too when they come across open positions. 

  • Upload your renewed CV to some of the relevant CV-banks of the Headhunters, Recruitment agencies, or larger companies in your industry 

  • Post your CV on social media but remember to delete your contact information. A way to do it without letting people know you are looking for a new job is to post it with a text like “I couldn’t find any real-life inspiration when I needed to create my CV for the first time, so this is for all the young students out there, feel free to take inspiration” You can also upload if fx under “features” section of LinkedIn

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Nischa Don Maak

Founder of Career Club DK
Career Coach

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