international CItizen’s day – Its’s OUR day ladies!

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Next after the Christmas beer release day, this is the most important day in Denmark

As it is a day dedicated to unite, support and welcome international citizens, both new and “older”.

Why is that important?

For Denmark -because we need more international talents to keep up with the world.


For you -because you can get help, tips, support to all from career to housing and culture.


For Career Club DK – because we will be there at our stand with career advice & fun prizes (find us!)


Come by and meet the team behind Career Club DK, other fellow Career Club DK ladies, and brand new ambitious women to join our powerhouse of a networking club.


Date: September 24th

Time: 10-15

Address:Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København

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About International Citizen Days:

This annual event brings together public authorities, private organizations and local communities for two days of inspiration on housing, jobs and social life through a curated fair together with talks, debates and activities relevant to all newcomers. The big day is the free fair in DGI byen on Saturday September 24th.


Questions that will be answered: 

  • Where do I start to look for jobs in Denmark? 
  • How do I network in a new country?
  • Where do you start your housing hunt? How do you land your first job in a new country? 
  • What is the key to living an engaged, active social life in one of the happiest, most livable places on Earth?
  • ..and many more! 



This day is devoted to exploring the areas of housing, job, and social life. There will be a fair of organizations representing the housing market, the banking sector, and cultural scene. 


You will be engaged in talks, debates, and fun activities. You will be guided through the jungle of housing options, banking services, tax laws, and language classes and bombarded with great inspiration on kick-starting your social life in a festive setting for the entire family including playful children, not to mention, local delicacies to satisfy your appetite.


Will we see you there? 



Christina Cassady


Career Club DK Advisory Board member

Innovative Healthcare Expert.



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