Interview with Alicja Koloszyc – Advisory Board Member At Career Club DK

Alicja Koloszyc is a Career Club DK Advisory Board Member and a Senior Consultant. Connect with her on Linkedin

How did you end up in Denmark and what part of the world do you originally come from?

It was love that brought me here 9 years ago. As a Polish girl who loved snowboarding, I was travelling to the mountains quite a lot. One time I met a wonderful person on the snowy slopes in the Dolomites. As he pursued his research career in Aarhus, I decided to move my studies to Denmark and start a Scandinavian adventure.

How does a typical day of a consultant look like for you?

My typical day includes various tasks and changes depending on the projects I am involved in.  In short I am in charge of cooperation with customers, I support them and make sure that their applications and software run as they should. The most fun I have is when I teach and run workshops, but some days it is also nice to sit down and dig into more data or software related tasks especially when it involves some IT development.

What is the typical career path for someone in your position?

First I would like to start with an explanation of what GIS is. GIS (Geographic Information System) industry is focused on creating, managing, analysing and mapping spatial data, present in almost all sectors for example governments, engineering, utilities, environment, transportation etc.

The typical path varies a lot depending on one’s interest and there are many options for a career within the GIS world. If someone is interested in IT or data, the data analyst, scientist or developer are typical positions. People with more management skills could become project managers, consultants or coordinators. Knowing specific software packages or programming languages gives opportunities to be a technician, designer or engineer.

In your experience, how easy or difficult is it to build a career in Denmark as a foreign?

It is not easy, for sure, but a positive attitude, motivation and eagerness to take on a challenge help a lot. It, of course, depends much on the industry but I think the biggest challenge is very often the Danish language and lack of knowledge of the working culture. The first one requires a lot of time and dedication in order to speak it in the professional environment, while the latter can be obtained through an open mind and humbleness.

I was lucky to meet very kind and supportive people on my way, who trusted my skills and who believed in me more than I did and I am very grateful for that.

Were there any shocking aspects of the Danish working culture that you wish you were aware of earlier?

I am quite amused by how many cakes people eat at work :). It seems that there is always a reason to share a sweet snack with your colleagues even if the reason is just another sunny day.  On a more serious note, I was surprised how flat the hierarchy is and how easy it is to talk to everyone regardless of the position in the company.

What career aspirations do you have for the future?

I have just had a very intense year as I recently graduated from an MBA programme and soon I would like to use that knowledge in practice. I look forward to further developing my skills and shifting into a more management/leadership related path. Having worked in tech and developed tools for data analysis I see how valuable insights one can get from it. It would be fascinating to be on the other side and use the results in business projects. I am very excited about the future but for the next few weeks I hope to relax and finally enjoy my free evenings and weekends 🙂

What career aspirations do you have for the future?

Career Club DK is a community for all internationally minded women. If you have just arrived in Denmark or you have been living here for longer, you can always find inspiration, support and of course fun. It gives an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and share our own experiences as well as learn about different cultures and work environments.


Stanka Ranchev

Advisory Board Member at Career Club DK

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