Interview with Nischa Don Maak the founder of Career Club DK

“I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman´s success” the famous Gloria Vanderbilt´s statement could not be more true. Ambitious and talented Nischa Don Maak started the Career Club DK on this premise. We have talked to the founder about the need for a women’s career network, its current state, and future lookouts.


Can you tell us a little bit more about your drive to start Career Club DK? 


I have been hired, fired, promoted, rejected, headhunted. I didn’t have an easy ride and always thought “How are women who don’t have my advantages supposed to make it in this rough business world?” Twice in my career, I have been fired as a result of a woman backstabbing me, and it hurt so much more than I expected. I couldn’t help but think “…if we can do so much damage for each other, how much good would we be able to do if we teamed up as career women?” That is how I knew I wanted to work with women empowering. I decided to make that focus on women empowering each other in an international aspect when I read the “Expat Insider Report 2019”. I simply couldn’t believe the numbers! Denmark is supposed to be the happiest country in the world, “how come we have the second unhappiest expats?!” My vision became clear then… We need to empower each other and power up within all nationalities, ages, backgrounds, levels of education, and personalities as women in the Danish job market and work culture.


What are your proudest moments so far?


First of all, the massive interest from super inspiring international-minded women in Denmark! I can’t believe we are already 922 members as we only launched in August 2020! But also, the jaw-dropping-talented women that have taken the seats of my Advisory Board makes me so proud and gives me chills several times during a week when I am in contact with them. I kid you not, those 20 women could make anyone president if they didn’t have more important things to do, such as powering up Career Club! I was also SO freakin’ honored when we got published in The International Denmark Magazine as a “Feel Good Story of Denmark”, and just as proud when I recently got nominated as Career Mentor 2020 here in Denmark.

You built a team of talented women. What does it mean for the career club´s future?


It means that the question is no longer “who is gonna let us?” but “who is gonna stop us?” I hand-picked each and every member of my Career Club DK Advisory Board. Their diverse international background, a wide range of skills, and unique personalities make them role models and the living proof that women can learn, rise and succeed together way faster than alone. Future wise, we will spoil our members with spot-on newsletters full of events and career tips every month. We will also make sure to unite and create more member networking online and offline with amazing events. As far as our private Facebook community goes, there will be much more focus on connecting and both reaching out for help and helping each other within the group, as well as high-quality career hacks, useful information, and entertainment.


How do you experience working with women from so many diverse backgrounds?


Strength lies in differences not in similarities! I am no fool. Denmark is one of the smallest countries in the world, there is no way that we could have all the best talents of the world accidentally born within these few square meters! I have always looked to the world for inspiration, and I will always do so. I´m annoyed that Denmark doesn’t take more advantage of all the talents from the world who choose to grant us their presence. I find it fascinating how at Career Club DK we can learn so much from each other thanks to diverse international backgrounds, age differences, level of education, experiences, lifestyles, religions, and personalities.


How do you see the career club evolving over time?


Honestly, I believe we are our club in a classic way, therefore this club evolves with and for the members. Sky is the limit and I will make sure that the Advisory Board and myself keep developing this magic with our members’ interests in mind. We aim to keep the current club free, but I can imagine that we could make a huge impact for those wanting to invest in premium memberships that will enable us to hire the best expert speakers for events and invest in technology that will help our members fx. ”mentor match” our members. But who knows what the future brings! I am always happy to receive ideas in my inbox.


What is your best advice for all career women out there?


Know your values and keep them in mind when making career decisions! Is the salary more important than the title? Is the title more important than the work tasks?


Nischa Don Maak is a Career Coach & the Founder of Career Club DK
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Martina Popadakova

Advisory Board Member at Career Club DK
Profession Content Developer

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