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For those of you who love Career Club DK, but want more? Take a seat at our innercircle and join the Career Club Associates!


You asked - and we listened!

So if you are (still)

  • Looking for a place with like-minded career women where you can exchange ideas, inspiration and learn with and from each other? 
  • An international-minded woman who wants to upgrade her career? 
  • Ambitious employed, jobhunter, or business owner?
  • Wants a community where you can make real connections and meet women who are empowering and supportive?
  • Curious about career mentorship?

Join our Inner-Circle!

Become a Career Club DK Associate

What’s included?

Career Coaching, MentorMatching, Knowledge Bank, Connection Book, Special events!
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If you answered yes to any of the above, then we got you covered!


Career Club DK Associates is a limited Add-on on your free membership of Career Club DK. There are no obligations to it, but a lot of benefits when it suits you. No matter where you are in your career journey, you will always find support, mentoring, information and most importantly -you will never feel alone in your career again! 


Career Club DK Associates is our inner-circle


As a Career Club DK ASSOCIATE…

You will upgrade and benefit your career with:

  1. Mentor Match Program → Be a mentor and get a mentor! In our empower-mentoring program, you will really connect and open doors like never before.


  2. Monthly Career Coaching in your inbox → Every month our Career Coach Nischa will help you upgrade your career with training and small easy-to-do challenges with 1-1 career coaching prizes


  3. Knowledge Bank Exclusive content from our knowledge bank with new content every month in different categories (eg. personal growth, career advice etc.)


  4. Connection Book → explore and get know all the amazing women of our community, and present yourself


  5. Power Networking → Our professional and at the same time very social networking events, have been a great success. Join exclusive and effective Associates-Only networking events both online and offline.

Not Networking is Notworking

Since our start two years ago, we have grown to almost 5000 women from over 98 countries from various industries, from engineering and tech to marketing and science. Career Club DK is a free community and we won’t change a thing about that.  But we want to give you the option to upgrade your career with more powerfull networking.



Career Club Associates are for those of our members who wants more:


  • More opportunities to network
  • More Career coaching

  • More opened doors in their career
  • More career advice, tips and guides 
  • More effective and intimate proffessional networking


We are here to learn and grow together!

But you have to be quick! We only open up 100 seats to start with for Career Club DK Associates

Still in doubt whether our power program is for you?

Are you in doubt if you should invest in yourself? Do you deserve it?You DO deserve that! All women deserve to have supportive ladies in their corner, to upgrade in their career and act on their ambitions and professional desires. 

Sign up to be among the first of 100 women to join our club with exclusive networking events, exciting content in our knowledge bank and most importantly to make the connections that can do the whole difference in your professional life.

We made sure it is, a full year membership has a value of 700DKK pr. month based on danish standards. BUT don’t worry we are confident in a level that makes us promise full money back guarantee, no strings attached and opportunities to take breaks as many months you want.

Invest in yourself and in your career

Join Career Club DK Associates - no strings attached

What do our members say about us?



If you are not sure if  joining the Associates Innercircle is the right place for you to shine or if you are unsure about the commitment of a membership? Read the below for Q&A’s of our most asked questions:


You will receive a welcome email with detailed information what is about to happen the next months and access to the members book, knowledge bank, invitation to pre-parties, mentor matching and a monthly career challenge

As much time as you want to invest in yourself and in your career. All content we send is yours to access whenever it fits you.

The monthly membership price is 148,-

You can cancel your membership any month and join again when the timing suits you better.You can also take breaks in your membership if you are travelling. All you need to do is send an email to info@careerclub.dk before the 25th the month before.

The already existing Career Club DK is there to stay.

It will be limited to 100 women to start with, who will be spoiled a little extra. Later we open up to more as we believe we are stronger together.

You are always welcome to join the Career Club DK community, but the Associates club will not always be open.

Never alone again!

As a Career Club DK Associate you will always have an army of fellow-careerwomen in your corner and access to all the support and knowledge you could need to keep upgrading your career here in Denmark.

Need motivation or back up?  Feel lost or empowered? 


  • We are here for all stages in your professional life
  • Keep upgrading with career coaching
  • Get and become a mentor, sparring- or accountability partner to co-inspire

Meet us online or offline for deeper and more effective use of each other and our network

Become a Career Club DK Associate

Only 100 seats for now

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